• Jeffrey Wunderlich

Y.E.M.B.A. Donations

Updated: Sep 3

As all you Scoot-Heads know,

City Scooters is active in many activities throughout our Community.

From donating bikes to WTTW for their Auction, to supporting local school Fundraisers. We’ve added another organization to our portfolio of worthy causes.

That group is called Y.E.M.B.A.

YEMBA Inc. is a recognized 501c3 Non-Profit Organization dedicated to educating our Youth

mentally, physically and spiritually with a Life-Long Learning and Service Experience

through Group Mentorship that will equip them with knowledge

and tools for leadership development and success in life.

Your Tax-Deductible Gift provides caring Mentors and life-changing

experiences for young people who face steep challenges.

Join us in supporting this fine effort to make our world a better place.

Donations may be sent via check or money order to address listed below:

Payable To: Y.E.M.B.A. Inc.

230 Madison St.

Oak Park, IL. 60302


visit their website to donate via Paypal.

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