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On the radio, Joe Dassin continued to persuade me to a simple melody. For some reason, my mood didn't drop. But I remember that earlier, in order to spoil it, it was enough for a bird-dove to poop on its shoulder OnlineCasinoSvizzera.

There was another sound of impact. An unidentified object riding behind me took the form of an old Moskvich and poked hard at my bumper.

Two people got out of it: a bald man, about forty years old, in a plaid shirt, and a guy half his age, from the seat next to him, got out of the driver's seat.

- Your mother! - the "checkered" man began to disperse. - Look, grandma! Who let you drive?

She opened the door, took a deep breath of the night air and got out of the car.

- Where did you go? You only ride in the steppe! You tell me where... Eh, damn it!..

A man in camouflage was lying face down right under the wheels of my car. The left hand is stretched forward, a thin gold ring glitters on it.

leaned over to feel the pulse, but everything was clear and so. Dead.

Help turn him around!


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