Frequently asked questions

When are you open?

We are open from Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays 10AM - 6PM. On Wendsdays and Thursdays we are now open 10AM - 8PM. We are closed on Sundays and Mondays.

What do you sell?

We sell gas and electric scooters, gas bicycles, trikes, and motorcycles. We do not sell kick scooters nor chair scooters.

Can you help me get my Motorcycle (M) classification?

We will support you in getting your M class by renting a complice scooter for the exam. However, we will not conduct lessons at our shop. For more information you can call our shop at (773) 631-9320

Can I come by and pick up some parts to repair my scooter?

While we do repair scooters, we do not sell individual parts for retail. All the parts in our shop are used to repair scooters brought to our machanics.

What brands do you service?

We service all brands expect electric, bikes over 250cc, and NEW bikes bought from other dealership. We do, however, avoid scooters older than 15 years, but that exception is on case by case basis.

What are the prices for your products?

You can call us at (773) 631 - 9320 for pricing information!